Matchroom Pool - World Pool Championship

World Pool Championship

June 6-10, 2021 Milton Keynes, England

Prize Fund

Winner $50,000

Runner-Up $25,000

Semi-Finalists $12,500

Quarter-Finalists $7,500

9th $4,000

17th $2,500

33rd $1,000

65th (1 Group Win) $500

TOTAL $250,000

Players are invited on a category-based system. All players in the top five categories are guaranteed an invite, and players in the remaining categories are invited in order until the field is full at 128 players.

The player entry process is currently underway and a full list of the 128 entered players will be published here in May.

1. World Rankings

Players Ranked 1-16 on the WPA World Ranking

Players Ranked 1-16 on the Matchroom Pool World Ranking

2. Continental Federation Invitations

3. Tournament Invites

4. Matchroom Pool Events

Mosconi Cup Players 2020

Players Who Finished 1st-9th at US Open 2019

Players Who Finished 1st-9th at World 9-Ball Championship 2019

Predator Championship League Pool Winners' Group 2021

5. WPA Women's World Rankings

Players Ranked In The Top 5 Of The WPA Women's World Ranking

6. Event Winners

Winners of Matchroom Pool Events 2018-2020

Winners of Matchroom World Ranking Events 2020

WPA World U-19 Champion

WPA Junior Girls World Champion

WPA U-17 World Champion

7. World Rankings

Players Ranked 17th Onwards On The WPA World Ranking

The World Pool Championship will feature 128 players and will be split into two stages:
June 6-7 Double Elimination Groups (16 groups of 8 players)
June 8-10 Straight Knockout (Last 64 onwards)

Schedule & Draw
The Group Draw for the World Pool Championship will be made during the 2021 World Pool Masters in May. The top 32 players will be automatically drawn into groups based on their seeding. The remaining players will be split into seeded draw pools, with one player from each pool drawn into each group.

Group Stage
Race To 9
Last 64 – Semi-Finals Race To 11
Final Race To 13
All matches are played to a Winner Breaks format

Break & Shot Clock
Balls will be racked with the 1-ball resting on the spot, and a 30-second shot-clock will be in operation on all tables.

2019Fedor Gorst
Doha, Qatar
2018Joshua Filler
Doha, Qatar
2017Carlo Biado
Doha, Qatar
2016Albin Ouschan
Doha, Qatar
2015Ko Pin-Yi
Doha, Qatar
2014Niels Feijen
Doha, Qatar
2013Thorsten Hohmann
Doha, Qatar
2012Darren Appleton
Doha, Qatar
2011Yukio Akakariyama
Doha, Qatar
2010Francisco Bustamante
Doha, Qatar
2007Daryl Peach
Quezon City, Philippines
2006Ronato Alcano
Pasay, Philippines
2005Wu Chia-ching
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2004Alex Pagulayan
Taipei, Taiwan
2003Thorsten Hohmann
Cardiff, Wales
2002Earl Strickland
Cardiff, Wales
2001Mika Immonen
Cardiff, Wales
2000Chao Fong-pang
Cardiff, Wales
1999Nick Varner
Alicante, Spain
1999Efren Reyes
Cardiff, Wales
1998Takahashi Kunihiko
Taipei, Taiwan
1997Johnny Archer
Chicago, United States
1996Ralf Souquet
Borlänge, Sweden
1995Oliver Ortmann
Taipei, Taiwan
1994Okumura Takeshi
Chicago, United States
1993Chao Fong-pang
Königswinter, Germany
1992Johnny Archer
Taipei, Taiwan
1991Earl Strickland
Las Vegas, United States
1990Earl Strickland
Bergheim, Germany

The World Pool Championship will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, DAZN, Matchroom.Live and broadcast partners around the world. Full details will be available here shortly.