UPDATED: December 05, 2012 03:06PM

Brandon Shuff

Home Town:Richmond, Va

Date and Place of Birth: 7/8/83 Frederick, Md  

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months: 1st place Maryland State 9ball; 1st place Tunica Southern Classic Bank ring game; 1st place x7 on Action Pool Tour 2012 season; 3rd place Turning Stone Classic; 3rd place Derby City Banks Division ; 5th place Derby City One Pocket Division; 3rd place Derby City Classic "Master of the Table"; 2nd place Grady Mathews One Pocket memorial; 4th place 10ball West Coast Challenge

Top Three Career Achievements: 2009 CSI National 8ball Champion; 3rd place Derby City All Around; 2 Time Virginia State 9 ball champ

Biggest Disappointment: Missing a bank shot, match ball, to beat SVB two in a row in one pocket at 2012 Derby City Classic. That set cost me the All Around 20k.

Favourite Mosconi Cup memory:  One of my favorite Mosconi moments was when Dennis Hatch won MVP after handing Neils Feijen a donut 5-0.

Favourite Pool Player (one only):  Efren "Bata" Reyes

Favorite Pool Venue:  Matchroom Sport

Sporting Hero:  Manny Pacquaio

Hobbies:  Traveling, Chess, Cards, Shooting range, Healthy living, Frisbee golf and occasionally real golf. 

Favourite food and drink: Chicken, some fish, fruits and veggies

Like About Pool:  Bank Pool is the greatest pocket billiards game because it requires the least amount of luck

Dislike About Pool: Way too much luck and way too many pros. Professional pocket billiards should be strictly 10ft tables so the real best pros will really stand out, then professionals could be more recognized. 

Describe Yourself in Ten Words: Man of Integrity, Modesty, Courtesy, Perseverance, Self-Control with an Indomitable Spirit.

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