UPDATED: November 28, 2012 04:35PM

Mike Dechaine

Home Town:  Waterville, ME

Date and Place of Birth:   5/30/1987 Waterville, ME

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months:   4th at US Open 10-Ball, 1st at Turning Stone Classic

Top Three Career Achievements:  #1 ranked Player in the country, 2011 Mosconi Cup, 2011 World Cup of Pool

Biggest Disappointment:   NONE

Favourite Mosconi Cup memory:  Beating Ralph 6-1 at 2011 Mosconi Cup

Favourite Pool Player:  My Dad

Sporting Hero:  Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods

Cues Used: Predator Everything

Hobbies: Golf, travel, movies

Other sports played:  golf

Sponsors logos worn (Max 3):  Predator, Snookers

Favourite food and drink:  Fish and Cabernet

Like About Pool:   Travel and competition

Dislike About Pool:  Pool is on the downslope in America

Occupation Other Than Pool:   Promotions

Describe Yourself in Ten Words:   Observant, aggressive, lucky, Big headed, determined, perfectionist, well-mannered,  Funny, Sarcastic, creative.

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