UPDATED: November 28, 2012 04:34PM

Niels Feijen

Nickname: the Terminator

Home Town: The Hague, Holland

Date and Place of Birth: The Hague, 3 February 1977

Family: Katrine Jensen (fiance), daughter: Lina (2 years old) 

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months: Winner China Invitational, Runner-up European Championships, Runner-up Eurotour Germany, 9th place US Open, runner-up Benelux Longoni Cup, winner Pinneberg Open, winner Salzburg Open, winner Woensel Open, winner Weert Kermis tournament.

Top Three Career Achievements: World Champion 14.1, winner Derby City 9ball, 6x European Champion

Biggest Disappointment: Europeans 2001

Favourite Mosconi Cup memory: Las Vegas 2007 winning it for the first time from being down 1-4 and 2011: MVP!!!

Favourite Pool Player (one only): Reyes

Favourite Pool Venue: The old US Open venue

Sporting Hero: Michael Jordan

Cues Used: Longoni 

Hobbies: Cycling, DJ-ing, making music

Other sports played: Basketball, cycling 

Sponsors logos worn: Gabriel Tables, Longoni cues, Kamui tips

Favourite band/singer: House Music

Like About Pool: Playing good

Dislike About Pool: playing like %$# ;)

Occupation Other Than Pool: None (professional)

Describe Yourself in Ten Words: Sportive, hard-working, stubborn, learning, fanatic, good sense of humour ;)

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