UPDATED: November 28, 2012 04:34PM

Nick Ekonomopoulos

Nickname: The Shooter

Home Town : Athens

Date and Place of Birth: 22/2/1982

Family: Mum and dad Ioanna and Kostas and sister Katerina

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months:

Austria 2012 Euro Tour Winner

Top Three Career Achievements:

Austria 2012 Euro Tour Winner

2009 8-ball European Championships - 2nd Place

2010 World Team Championship - 3rd Place

Biggest Disappointment:

Losing the final match of 2009 8-ball European Championships

Favourite Pool Player: Francisco Bustamante

Favourite Pool Venue: Different Billiards Club

Sporting Hero: Michael Jordan

Cues Used: Playing Cue: Predator LE10; Break cue: Predator BK2

Hobbies: Football, Table Tennis, Spear Fishing.

Other sports played: Kick Boxing, Boxing, Tennis, Football, Table Tennis

Favourite food and drink: Souvlaki and Wine

Like About Pool: Competition and Fame

Dislike About Pool: Dodgy flight and jet lag

Occupation Other Than Pool: Pool Hall Owner

Describe Yourself in Ten Words: Highly competitive, funny, focused, emotional, athletic.

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