UPDATED: November 28, 2012 04:33PM

Darren Appleton

Nickname: Dynamite

Home Town: Pontefract, Yorks, lives Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Date and Place of Birth: 08/02/1976

Family: Mam and dad, Susan and Tony. Two brothers Craig and Shane

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months: World 9 Ball Champion; International Challenge of Champions, World Class 9 Ball Champion, Mosconi Cup winner, GB9 Tour Champion, World Ranked No.1, Guinness World Series runner-up.

Top Three Career Achievements: Back to back US Open champion; World 9 Ball Champion, World 10 Ball Champion; World Ranked No.1

Biggest Disappointment: Not winning World 8 Ball Championship.

Favourite Mosconi Cup memory: 2010 beating Dennis Hatch 5-4

Favourite Pool Player: Alex Pagulayan

Favourite Pool Venue: York Hall Bethnal Green

Sporting Hero: Lee Westwood

Cues Used: Predator 314 2 Ikon 2 6

Hobbies: Golf, fishing

Other sports played: Boxing, football, darts, snooker

Sponsors logos worn (Max 3): Yalin Billiards, Predator Cues

Favourite food and drink: Tea, thai food

Like About Pool: Playing one table TV arenas

Dislike About Pool: Politics and badly organised worldwide tournaments

Occupation Other Than Pool: None

Describe Yourself in Ten Words: kind, honest, dedicated, driven, brave, courageous, funny, lazy.

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