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Chris Melling

Chris Melling

Nickname: Power House

Home Town: Keighley, Yorkshire

Date and Place of Birth: 27th January 1979, Keighley

Family: Father

Wins / High Finishes In Last 12 Months: 3rd World Tem Championship, 3rd WPA World 8 Ball Championship, Mosconi Cup winner, GB9 Champion

Top Three Career Achievements: 2 x World 8 Ball Champion (English); 2011 China Open Champion; 2011 Mosconi Cup winner

Biggest Disappointment: Losing in semi-final of WPA World 8 Ball in 2012

Favourite Mosconi Cup memory: Beating Shane Van Boening in 2011 from 3-0 down.

Favourite Pool Player (one only): Efren Reyes

Favourite Pool Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Sporting Hero: Steve Davis, Jimmy White

Cues Used: Icon 4, BK break cue, Poison jump cue

Hobbies: Rugby, darts, golf

Other sports played: Darts, golf, fishing, table tennis

Sponsors logos worn (Max 3): Yalin Billiards, Predator Cues, Powerhouse Pool

Favourite food and drink: Chicken curry and Coke

Like About Pool: Winning and competing

Dislike About Pool: Cheats and not getting paid on time

Occupation Other Than Pool: None

Describe Yourself in Ten Words: Thoughtful, competitive, caring, fast, extravagant, exciting, generous, unfit

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